Audio Export Doesn't Null

Hey All,

I’m trying to finish up a project with 30 tracks that needs to be delivered asap. I rarely, if ever, use the Audio Mixdown, as I mix through a Neve 8816 with a Vintech 609CA on the 2 buss and Apogee DA16x series converters. But for this particular project, I need to render these track or run everything back through the Neve.

Anyway, I’ve done an Audio Mixdown to a two track file and with the phase flipped, I can still hear plenty of signal from the left channel which indicates that the files are not identical. Does any one have any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Any modulation effects happening that aren’t set to sync to host?

An algo reverb inserted on anything? Most of these verbs have a variable algorithm, so two seperate passes will not null.


Mike, which mixes do you compare with each other? The internal bounce with the one you did through the external summing box?