Audio export, Dorico hangs and fails on relaunch

Is there a known bug with 1.1 (on 10.12.6) where an attempt to Export as Audio (.wav) completes but hangs Dorico (beachball - Force Quit required), please?

On a relaunch, Dorico doesn’t get past ‘Initializing Playback Controller’… a machine reboot is necessary.

I have the Log files…

What VST/AU are you using with Dorico? Just Halion HSO?

No - I also have Ivory II.

But it seems to happen either way.

OK. That killed my theory. :wink:

But thanks, Traubitz - I thought it might be the fact that I spun up the external HD on which I have my Ivory data half way through the first Dorico launch. But it remained mounted through two restarts (Dorico won’t launch at all after the export fails, which is little disconcerting, I have to say!) so it can’t be that either.

The other odd thing is that the Export completes and I do get a playable .wav file. Just that it doesn’t seem to know it’s finished when it has!

It is indeed a known issue (and listed as such in the Dorico Version History document provided on the download page along with the update etc.) that audio export does not show a progress dialog on Mac, which means that the application can appear to have hung during the export process. This is not very good, and we do plan to improve it, but it’s somewhat awkward to solve.

Thanks so much, as always, Daniel!

Is it likely that - even though i do get a completely playable (and correct length) audio file, Dorico hasn’t really finished: hence the beachball and invitation to Force Quit etc?

And that my interrupting it is responsible for the failure on relaunch?

The failure on relaunch will be because the audio engine is a running in the background. If you have to force quit Dorico then also kill the VST Audio Engine process too. This is the first report we’ve had of Dorico not returning when the export has finished. Is there a particular score or VST Plugin that this happens with?


Understood re the need to kill the VST Audio Engine too; thanks.

The export doesn’t appear to finish. I’ve left the beachball for a good 60 seconds after seeing the .wav file on my desktop (chosen location). Should I try waiting longer?

I get it with or without Ivory II.

Which file(s) should I send you?

Thanks again!

may be wait a bit longer. How long does your piece last?

I noticed, using the pianoteq vsti, that when I export audio from Dorico, there is a clock indicating how many seconds of the exported music have been processed. Maybe absolutely irrelevant here, but I noticed it and thought you might want to have a look. Granted, it would be way better to have a countdown, so you know when the export will finish. You need to see the “e” window of pianoteq to experience this.

Good tip on the Pianoteq processed time.

For reference, I’ve done a couple of large orchestra scores and I’m seeing about a 2x conversion rate. So 10 minutes to export 20 minutes of music. This is on a quad core 2.7 GHz laptop.

As a general rule, if you can play back in real time without clicks and pops, you should be able to export somewhat faster than that. But the first time you export wait at least as long as the time it would take to play back.

I am circumventing the problems by recording my audio outputs via a Loopback on my audio card. It is faster.

I certainly shall (wait). Thanks! Just over two minutes. I’ll try waiting five :slight_smile:

Only HALion Sonic SE 3, playing a new blank document with some just-drawn notes.