Audio Export eroors

I exported audio and there is one instrument that is missing from the final file. When I play it within Dorico I hear everything, but not after the export.

Is there any way to export audio in “real time” so i make sure everything is playing?

The plot thickens…

Here is Play mode before the Audio Export: with the “Horns (a2)” music showing
Here it is while the Export is happening: the music chunk vanished.

Here it is after the Export and the “Horns (a2)” track no longer even shows.

This feels like BUG behavior. Any thoughts are most welcome. I need to bounce down this mix ASAP.

Could you please send me your project to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’? Thanks

Sent. Thank you, Ulf.

I tested this with “HALion HSSE+Pro” and “Note Performer” Playback Templates. Unfortunately, I got the same result.

New observation: the problem Instruments/Staves are ones to which I have applied “Edit Names…”. Because they are no longer default, is it possible Dorico now does not route them properly? Have I screwed something up?

It took me a while to work out what was going on as this is quite a complex project in terms of Players and Layouts. The problem here is that there’s also a complex relationship between flows, layouts and players when it comes to audio export. The audio export dialog allows you to export flows, rather than layouts, but if you are exporting all players then internally it’s actually locating the flow within the first Full Score layout and exporting that. We hope to make this clearer in a future version.

The fix in this case is to add the Horn a2 player to the Full Score, and then it should appear in the export.


Thanks, Paul. This was indeed the problem. I now have all staves included in the Full Score layout and I hear them in the Audio Export.

I have some staves that are only for playback and not printing. In the future I will have the Full Score layout contain all instruments. Then I can create a custom layout for only staves I want to print. I had that reversed in this file.