Audio export fails in Dorico Pro 2, depending on the instrument

Dear fellow Doricians,
I’m experiencing a very strange behavior here. I made a rather simple score for a fellow singer who needed a transposed aria. It’s not very long, and I wanted to send him a playback of the piano. When using my usual virtual instrument (Pianoteq 6.2.1), the audio export would stop at 98%, after the last note of the piano. The exported file is not usable, it would not open. It is supposed to be a .wav file — not sure the problems with mp3 export have been solved since last time I tried.
When using another VI, it has worked (with Arturia’s Piano V2). I just tried with NotePerformer and it worked too. But with The Grandeur in Kontakt, it failed at 7%. How can this be? Anyone has a clue here? It used to work flawlessly (in .wav) in version 1.2…

Hi Marc,

I haven’t heard of any problems, however we’ve made a number of further changes to audio export after the 2.0 release, including some performance improvements, which will be in the forthcoming update. I’m not sure what to suggest in the meantime to work around this. You could maybe try rebooting, changing the buffer size (not sure if that’s used during export, but give it a try), closing plugin windows.

Thanks Paul.
I already tried rebooting, it did not change anything. Tomorrow morning I’ll give a try with changing the buffer size and will keep you posted.
Everytime the problem happened, Dorico would get stuck. The cancel button of the export task % has no effect, and I had to force quit every time.

Here’s the feedback. I changed my buffer setting from 512 samples to 1024, and was able to export using Pianoteq Steingraeber piano. I then tried again with The Grandeur in Kontakt, and it got stuck at 97%. I hope this will help you understand the problem. I can send you the file if you need. I don’t think I have any crash dump, since the app does not crash — it just gets stuck and is unusable, I have to force quit every time it happens.

Can you send me the file? p . walmsley AT steinberg . de
I don’t know whether it’s file-related, plugin-related or machine-related. I don’t have those plugins but I can try it on my machine.