Audio export fails when audio device is no longer active


I just noticed, that my installation of Dorico Pro (5.1.4) failed to export MP3 audio files when my AirPods were disconnected but still being selected as “audio device”.
Although the project had two flows and Dorico was supposed to create one audio file for each of them, it only created the file for the first flow and this was corrupted.
After changing the audio device back to “Internal” everything worked as expected.
Just want to inform the team - maybe this behavior is not intended…

I guess you would also have found that playback would not have worked in that scenario. I believe Dorico requires a valid audio device at all times both for playback and audio export.

Daniel, thank you very much for your reply.
Yes indeed, live playback was also not possible.
But I thought that Dorico would be able to export without having a valid hardware audio device or at least give me a notification/warning that this is not possible instead of creating a file that can’t be used.

I’ve always understood that Dorico cannot process audio export or playback without a working VST audio connection. However, I think there is a point there that it would be great if Dorico were able to check before embarking on an export that everything is in order for this to proceed. I’ve also produced duff audio exports on a number of occasions because there was some issue with the audio which I hadn’t noticed as no specific error had been produced and it is a somewhat frustrating time-waster.

Since what is plugged into your sound card is a system function quite outside Dorico, I wonder if Dorico even knows what users may have plugged into (or not plugged into) their sound card. This is sort of like asking Dorico to open Microsoft Word and determine whether the computer is plugged in.