Audio Export File Name

Maybe I am missing something basic:

When I export audio to an mp3 for example, Dorico assumes that I want to use the same file name each time.

However, is there a way to specify a file name either during export or via automated means, i.e. version number or so?


No, I’m afraid not at the moment, @DeanA, though more flexibility in naming exported audio files is something that is reasonably commonly requested, and is on our wish list for the future.


Thanks for your reply. At least I can stop searching through the manual for that one: “It must be here somewhere, how come, I cannot find it?” :slight_smile:

Perhaps at least it would be possible to auto rename either the previous or the new export by appending a version number or so.

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just on that, I don’t suppose there’s any chance that some of the Cubase options for audio export such as choosing the bit rate could be ported to Dorico? This would be very handy for when smaller files are required for instance.