Audio export file path

this is a trivial request in the greater scheme of things but it would be so nice if Dorico allowed you to specify the default path for audio export separately from the default for projects. I’m sure I’m not the only one who keeps audio files and Dorico scores in different locations and every time I want to make a new audio export (which can be frequently) I have to waste a few seconds changing the file path. Or if Dorico was able to remember the last used audio export path, that would be another option. Remembering the settings used – particularly whether each flow is exported as a separate file would also stop me accidentally forgetting to remove this tick.

Many thanks!


This is perhaps a bit different from your request, but I would really love it if Dorico prompted me where to save for audio exports (and also PDF exports) every time. It has come up for me many times where I duplicate and move a project and after exporting I cannot find the export – because it exported them to the previous project’s folder location. In your case, having this prompt would still be helpful because then you could bookmark your location and easily point it there too. I personally am not fond of the fixed project location and the excessive subfolders it sometimes creates (and I also sometimes prefer to name my files differently from how they are presented in the flow name, using underscores etc).

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On a related note, I’d also really love some ability to change the filename of the exported audio too, similar to how we have “Filename Options” for PDFs already. Many audio players read the Title from the metadata, not simply the filename, so exported audio that is going to be distributed often has to be renamed in two locations, which is annoying and twice the work after the fact. I’d rather do it once in Dorico or set tokens to do it automatically.


both of the above, I find useful suggestions as well.

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