Audio export is offset by a few milliseconds

Hi folks

Ive got a problem with my exported wave files!
If I make an export (timeline 0:00 to …does not matter), and after finish import the wave file, I got an offset of few miliseconds. the funny thing is, this is also happen with broadcast files, when I import them they are few milliseconds too early. Take a look to this printscreen. The upper track is the original, the lower is a mixdown of the upper track, the lower track is directly imported and placed by 0:000 position. Both tracks starts from Time: 0:000. The Markers for export also started from 0:000.

Is anybody got an idea???


Most likely you are using a plugin which doesn’t report it’s correct latency.

The only thing you can do is trying to chase the problem by elimination.
Start with virgin project, add a simple event and export/bounce.
Then slowly add instruments/plugins, untill you find the problematic one.


TNX for the tip.
Ive start with a new project, and it works perfekt, no offset.
So i can by just a Plugin latency…

Thanks for your idea…