Audio Export issue have to reboot after each time

Having problem trying to use Audio Export to bounce down Group Tracks. I have to reboot after each successful export otherwise the next export attempt just hangs on 0% at mixdown and I have to use task manager to kill Cubase, then reboot the pc to be able to export again without the hanging issue.

I thought it was due to Inserts I put on the Group tracks, but have since removed them all and though it helped, I still run into the problem.

annoyingly Ihave one Group channel that refuses to export even after PC reboots so I am now about to have to try to bounce down every track individually to try to get past the issue that way. Any ideas would help.

I am using the Blackbird Onyx with buffer at 512 though not sure it makes a difference. and yea, lots of instruments and inserts on the tracks and FX channels with reverb so I guess its just hitting its limit but annoying none the less since it handles everything else but this one last aspect of the mixdown.


Maybe it’s related to this.