Audio export (multiple flows)

I export audio from a file with 3 flows. The result starts with flow 2, then flow 3 and flow 1 in the end. What is wrong that it doesn’t start with flow 1?

Also when I open the file, the active flow is flow 2, pressing “Rewind to Beginning” puts the playback line to start of flow 2. How can I change this?

Make a selection in flow 1, and that should change the read-out in the document title bar of what the current flow is.

Did you re-order the flows at any point in Setup mode? It could well be that Dorico is exporting the flows in order of their internal IDs, rather than their current order in the Flows panel.

Yes, selecting something in flow 1 changes, the read-out, but playback starts always from flow 2. Can’t remember if I changed the order of the flows. I guess this behaviour will be changed in an update? Playback should start from flow 1 whether the order was changed or not, I think?

I fixed it by creating 3 new flows and copying the old flows into the new ones, now it behaves correctly. Unfortunately I had to reenter all dynamics again, since Dorico pasted them in the wrong instruments (1 instrument below)!

Sorry about that. The problem with the dynamics being pasted in the wrong place has been fixed and will be sorted out in the first post-release update.