Audio Export Multiple Players


Is there a way of exporting multiple players in an audio file?

It looks like I have the option of separate players, or the complete.

I added a separate woodblock player to act as a metronome, to give me better control than the built in one, so I want to be able to export a player + woodblocks. Although it would be handy to be export various combinations of players, such as a section.

It looks like if I change the players in the Full Layout, then that exports as expected. But that is a painful thing to adjust each time for each player. I was hoping I could create Layouts for each player + metronome and export those.

Any other ways of doing that?

Thank you,


Dear Richard,
My understanding is that Dorico exports the top layout in the Layout list. You could create a Layout with the instruments you want to export and place it at the top of the list, then export audio… I’d be glad to be corrected if I’m wrong, of course !

Yes, you are right.

I assumed that players would really mean layouts… That would be much more useful.

The problem is I have to drag to the top 20 times in my current project, and export each time.



Mostly. Dorico exports the audio of the top-most score layout, not part layout.

I would simply switch to Setup mode, and check to select which players are assigned to your full-score layout. Add one, export, add the next, export, rinse, repeat.