"Audio Export" needs "leading silence length" option

Dorico added the “reverb tail length” option to Audio Export which is very good. However there is also a need for “leading silence” in audio export, with resolution in milliseconds. Commercial music production often requests tracks which have a specified silence at the start of the track for various reasons, often this is 150 ms or 300 ms. By “leading silence”, that means, simply, adding a specified length of time of silence/rest before the normal audio of the playback.

There is a workaround to adding leading silence which is adding an extra empty mm1 but this is a workaround and not a real solution to this feature. The leading silence can also be added with external tools which process the wav or mp3 but this is inconvenient and adds more steps to the file handling.

Playback Options—Timing—Pre-roll before flow


Playback Options > Timing > Preroll before flow is the feature I was looking for.

However it means that the Audio Export feature “Reverb tail length” is not properly placed by being in the export menu, it should be placed as Playback Options > Timing > Reverb Tail. Because the reverb tail applies to each flow just as well as “preroll before flow” applies to each flow (unless attacca is specified, or “Reverb Tail for final flow” could be the same feature). Then these options will be properly categorized in the same window and the export audio will mirror the result of the playback audio.

No, the reverb tail doesn’t apply to every flow, unless each flow is exported separately. If a multi-flow piece is exported as a single audio file, the reverb tail is only at the end of the final flow.

Here’s a multi-flow test file I exported with a slight pre-roll and a long reverb tail.

translation: the reverb tail should apply to each flow (the reverb tail at the end of a movement in a multiflow project should not be cut off, right)

the current feature does not apply reverb tail to the end of a flow only to the end of the audio file.