Audio export not all players playback

I’ve just purchased Dorico 3 Elements and completed my first arrangement. I’ve got just one Flow. When I try to export the audio (just general stereo mix), not all the players are exported, just 4 of 9 tracks.
I’m running Dorico on a brand-new 2019 MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3.

Audio export will reflect the conductors layout that is highest in the list in setup mode. Does your topmost layout have some players omitted?

If the problem persists, could you please send that project to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’? Full confidentiality guaranteed, we will only use it to check on your problem. Thanks

Yes! But even if I switch it with a “Full Score” from lower down in the the drop-down, when I try to export that flow, still only the top four players can be heard.
Attaching the project. Please note that in the center/top drop-down that says “Full Score” I have a bunch of other “Full Score” listings further down–not sure how that happened. Maybe I’m not getting how this drop-down and the “flow” concept interact, but I don’t understand why the audio playback is fine within Dorico, but missing the rhythm section when exported.
I would share a downloaded file showing how it’s not working, but that would just take up space, when you can just test it from the project attachment.
Can’t export full (994 KB)

For export the first “Full Score” layout is chosen, but in Setup Mode you can drag up the full score layout that you want to get exported. Then it works.

To further clarify: selecting a particular layout from the top dropdown doesn’t affect audio export. It uses whichever layout is first in the list in Setup mode, on the right side.

Gotcha, but even when I make a different selection from the drop-down (one that shows all the players and plays them all back perfectly from within the program), when I try to export audio, just four of the lanes can be hear on the resulting mp3.

I think I understand, tho not sure what you mean by “right side”–the drop down is in the center/top of the page.
If that’s the case (the dropdown order doesn’t change) then how can I change the layout that is first in the list in Setup mode?

In Setup Mode, the layout column is on the right. You can drag layouts up and down as you wish.
Playback comes from the layout at the top.

Ya, maybe that’s only in Dorico Pro. I’ve got Elements and I definitely don’t see the same screen as that. See attached.

(or type Cmd/Ctrl-9)

Ahhhhhhhhh. Okay! I get it now! :smiley:
And it worked.
Thanks for yo ur patience!
Great program, BTW, lovin’ it!

This doesn’t work anymore, maybe because of the upgrade?
Ya’ll taught me how to place the layout that I wanted to export at the top of the stack on the RH side in Layout window.
I did that. But result of audio export is the entire shebang instead of just the two players I made a layout for. :thinking:

Is the layout you made for two players a part layout or a score layout? It must be a score layout, just as in previous versions.

Oh okay. That’s the problem then. Thx