Audio export not including volume fades

I was exporting a few audio samples that should be looped but for some reason I was hearing clicks. Had a closer look at the exported files and it turns out Cubase didn’t include the volume fades (dragged with the handle) in the export. Is this default behaviour or is there any setting I am missing?

Thanks a lot!


Just to be sure… The fader changes are written as an automation, right?

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply.

No, I’ve dragged a short fade out in the audio event (a few ms) to have it end on the zero point to avoid clicks.
When re-importing the audio export the fade out is missing.

I’ve updated to the latest 8.0 release, currently revisiting Cubase, that’s why I’m kind of puzzled… I can’t remember having this issue in the past with previous versions.


I see.

The fade-Out of the event is not available anymore, because it’s a new event. But it should be audible and exported.

Sorry, I was not being clear, of course I was referring to the fade out not being audible and exported to the new event. That’s the issue.


I just tested this on my system, and the Fade Out has been exported. So it is audible on the exported file.

Thanks, tested with Cubase 8.0.4?