Audio export of score mistakenly includes part not in the score

I created a wind trio piece with Clarinet in Bb. I decided to make a clarinet in A part and the A clarinet is not included in the score. When I play the score inside Dorico it sounds fine. When I export the MP3 I can hear 2 clarinets, not one. I had to create a new score and delete the A Clarinet to get a suitable Mp3 file. How do I get the export to sound like the playback in the original file?

I believe you should be able to mute the outputs you don’t want to be included in the audio export in the Mixer before you perform the export.

(The reason this picks up all players is because it performs a complete mix-down of all instruments, so that you can export stems etc. for all instruments from all flows.)

Thanks Daniel, I’ll do that next time. Would request for a future release that export sounds like playback in terms of what is heard or not.

It would be very useful for to be able to select instruments in the export, but still export them mixed, rather than as separate instruments.

You can do this by soloing the instruments you want in the mixer, or selecting notes in the instruments you want and choosing Play / Solo Selected Instruments (bound to Alt-S)