Audio export only exporting 1 track

Hi all,
When I select File/Export/Audio it creates an mp3 with only 1st violin part sounding.
this is a simple string section, vocal & piano score with only 1 flow.
I am exporting while in write mode, with the “full score” part open. I’ve also tried it in play mode.
I have checked “Export each selected flow as a separate file” and “flow 1”
I have not checked the box to export players as separate files.
Can anyone tell me what I am missing?

Thanks! I’m going a little crazy here needing to send out a demo to my players.

Go to Setup mode and on the right make the wanted layout the topmost. That is the one used for export

OK, I tried this. went to setup mode and the full score is the topmost part and also is selected. No change. It still only exports Violin I which is about in the middle of the list. What else you got?

Upload a few bars of the project and you’ll get a quick response.

SOLVED! When I exported the first time it was the version with only violin. Everytime I tried to change it, the change wasn’t reflected because on a Mac, when you double click a song in the finder it’s played on the Apple Music player which adds the track to the library. With every subsequent call to play this title the music player played what it already had in the library. Even when I renamed the file to “test.mp3” it played the old file - this I don’t understand. But when I emailed the file to my phone, my iPhone plays the correct file. This kind of thing is maddening.

THANKS for your help!

No need to double-click. You can listen to audio files on Mac right in the Finder, either with Quick Look or in the preview column in column view.