Audio export option now showing

Hi. I’m using Dorico 2 on an iMac. The option to export audio doesn’t appear under ‘File/Export’. I only see tempo track, midi or flows.

I recently updated to OSX Catalina, which could perhaps be the problem. However, I didn’t use the export audio feature before so I don’t know if it was available with the previous OS.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Lots of people reported this with Dorico 2 and with Dorico 3.0, in conjunction with Catalina (and in some cases Mojave). This is fixed in Dorico 3.0.10, but not in Dorico 2. As far as I’m aware there are no plans to release updates for Dorico 2 to make it Catalina-compatible.

Welcome to the forum, Victoria. Leo’s right: Dorico 2.2.20 is not officially supported on Catalina. Only the very latest version, Dorico 3.0.10, is supported on Catalina.