audio export problems

Problem exporting a project:

First of all after export, one of the instrument tracks (groove agent with lots of inserts) was sounding strangely out of time (but sounded fine during playback within the project). After searching this forum I hit on freezing the track in question - that completely solved the problem but now the whole export is very glitchy. I have tried exporting in all different wav settings (inc 96/24) but still the end result is glitching. The only thing I’ve been unable to try is real time export. I either get a disk overload error message or if I export to somewhere else like an external drive I get a “sorry, a timeout occurred …” error message. All very frustrating. (fairly basic set-up, Windows Vista 32 bit, Cubase 5, Edirol UA-25 audio interface)

Any help much appreciated, thanks.

Hi, have you tried increasing your buffer size to 512 or 1024?
Under Devices - device set up - soundcard control (under vst audio system). That’s where you will change the buffer size. Hope that helps.