Audio Export Progress Dialog

Just a minor niggle here for the development team. If you export audio a second time (say, after making a few changes to the music), then after acknowledging and dismissing the dialog box about overwriting the current file, the progress bar dialog is not brought to the front and stays behind the main Dorico window so you can’t see it. It comes to the front if it’s the first time exporting the audio, but not on subsequent exports.

What Dorico version do you have and what operating system?
I just tried it on my Win and Mac machines and could not reproduce the issue…

Hi, Ulf. I’m on Mac OS Sonoma 14.3.1, and Dorico Pro 5.1.10. So you’re seeing the progress bar dialog in front of the main Dorico window after dismissing the warning dialog about overwriting the existing export file? That’s never happened for me. It’s always behind the main window for me.

That’s right, works for me well on both, Win laptop and M1-MacMini with Sonoma.
I wonder what is different with you.

Interesting. I wonder if perhaps you and I are using different methods to export audio, and that’s maybe why we’re getting different results.

I have the main Dorico window at full screen size. That window is the front, active window, and I select Export → Audio from the file menu and click the export button. The progress bar dialog pops up, and when it’s done it disappears and the main window is again the front window. If I select Export → Audio from the file menu again and click the eport button, the warning dialog pops up, and when I click the okay button the warning dialog disappears and the main Dorico window is again the front window and the progress dialog is hidden behind it. The only thing I see other than the main window is the watch icon while the audio exports again.

Is this different from the way you did it?

Interesting. Now that I try again, I also get this behaviour. Dont know what I did differently.
But thanks for reporting, I will take a further look.

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