Audio Export Randomly Dropping Notes

When I play back my file in Dorico, it sounds gorgeous. When I try to export the same file, the MIDI notes randomly cut out mid-duration (although the reverb tail goes on), and then continue later. What’s going on here? It would seem that if it can be played back in real-time, export wouldn’t be a problem.

My project file is using L.A. Scoring Strings and a lot of reverb added in Dorico. When I reduce the length of the reverb, the problem goes away.

That what you describe sounds strange.
Are you on Win or Mac? What audio driver do you use?

Windows, and I use the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver. However, I just upgraded to Dorico 4.3 and the problem has gone away. Very strange.

Well, in Dorico 4.3 also the Generic Low Latency Driver received an update.