Audio export SLOW on Mac OS X


Offline bounces in cubase is a terribly slow process on mac compared to Logic. Often it takes longer compared to a real time bounce. Is anyone else experiencing slow audio exports? It’s a deal breaker for me when having to export lots of channels to new projects.

I hope the audio export process will be sped up significantly in future updates.

Computer: Mac Pro 2010, 6 core, 16gb RAM, OS X Mavericks.
Cubase version: 7.5.3.

Slower-than-realtime is awfully slow, unless you are running mucho mucho plugins and very high sampling rates.
I’m on a 2008 Mac Pro, less RAM, and audio exports take about 75% of realtime.
Are you running high sampling rate?

Aside: Cubase has always been on the slower side of offline bouncing. Switching from Sonar years ago was shocking.
But, I’m also reassured that Cubase is doing all the necessary math. :wink: