Audio export still doesn't work


I have this issue since version 1.0.0: When I try to export wav oder mp3, there is a progress bar, but on a network drive there won’t be a file at the end. If I try to export to my desktop, I get a file with the correct length, it it’s just silence.
Can you help me fix this?
I’m using Dorico 1.0.20 on Windows 10 64 bit with a MOTU 828x as Audio and MIDI interface.

  • Gereon

First question, do you get sound out via your MOTU when playing back a piece in Dorico? If you do, then I see no reason why the export shouldn’t succeed, at least to your local harddrive. Could be there is an issue with exports to network drives, but not to local drives.
So I would suggest that you create a simple piano project with a handful of bars and arbitrary notes. Make sure that sound comes out via your MOTU if you press play. If it does, then try to export it to your desktop. If this isn’t successful, then please zip up that project file and the created export file and post it here. From the data I might be able to see what is wrong then.

I tried this for the first time after reading this thread and got no valid files either… took ages to export and wmp reported all files as corrupted… will try again when back in the studio…

I created that test project, and it was successful!
Audio playback always works for me, there has never been a problem.

I just tried it with another project, and the export worked, but only because I reset the play marker to the beginning and double-hit space bar before (I read this workaround in another thread). Only problem is, the first note of the project is not in the audio export.

Another thing: Could you please implement ogg Vorbis for the export? I hate mp3 :smiley:

Audacity can change the formats (WAV to OGG or MP3, MP3 to OGG, etc.) but of course that is an extra set of steps which it would be nice to be able to skip.

We’ve found the cause of this problem and we’ve got a fix for the next update. Please see the workaround in this post:


Here’s that complete link:

Well, technically it is not a problem, because we have the encoder already in Cubase. Don’t know anything about the implications on legal stuff and licensing.

In the 1.0 release it was just priority to have basic export functionality going, so also just the most important formats, and that is Wav and MP3. In the future we will certainly offer more, but can’t tell when.

Thanks Stephen - I sent that from my phone and forget to check it.