Audio export stuck


I’m trying to export audio from a project all based on VEPRO 7 and VSL libraries.

I could export a smaller version yesterday. Today, with a bigger version, exporting audio always ends in Dorico being with the export dialog forever stuck at 3%.

After a while, VST Audio Engine appears not responding in Activity Monitor.

I’m attaching various process sampling.

Paolo (67.6 KB)

Here is the diagnostic report I could generated after cancelling the export procedure from Dorico.

VST Audio Engine is still stuck, bu consuming a bit less than 100% CPU.


Dorico (1.05 MB)

Mac restarted, and I could export the audio.


That’s great news!

Unfortunately, it’s a recurring issue. I’m trying to export the piece again, and Dorico froze at 2% :frowning:


We believe we have fixed the problem where audio export can hang, and this will be addressed in a forthcoming update.

Yay! Thank you very much, Daniel and team!


Hi Paolo, from the symptoms you are describing, I think your’s is a different problem than the one that Daniel mentioned.
That what you are exporting, is it only one or several flows, respectively do you export individual players? With the known bug, an export may get stuck at the start of a new flow or player. Also, everything just hangs, but does not show as ‘not responding’, therefore I think your’s is different. I’m currently on vacation and need to ask others to symbolicate the process samples you’ve sent, so it might take some time before I respond again.