audio export tempo


I have a project exporting to audio at tempo 159…
When I look at the info in the resulting wav file, the tempo is shown as 120.74

How do I get the exported audio file to have the tempo of 159…?


That’s just the metadata right?

You can change that in windows explorer.

I thought the bpm (which is what I’m actually talking about) is intrinsic to the clip…
Must admit… I havent worked that much with audio files to say I completely understand how to:
-export an audio file so it keeps it’s BPM across daws
-import an audio file with fixed BPM
-differentiate between ‘musical’ mode and ‘non-musical’ mode
-adjust tempos in audio clips to match tempos of other audio clips…

In short I am working on a vocal mix in Studio one 3, It’s a little slow so I export the mixed down tracks to cubase and import them etc… in the media pool I check the ‘musical mode’ box and adjust the bpm of the clip so it complies with the faster tempo (in the cubase song) … really cumbersome to get right… there has to be an easier way to do this…