Audio export times, v8.5 vs v9

Has anyone else noticed an increase in audio export time between v8.5 and v9? I’m testing it now with a 8.5.20 project. In 8.5 the song exports in about 4:46. In 9.0.1 the same song takes 8 minutes! Same setting in the export dialog, same settings for the audio device (with quite high buffer setting as well).

The project is pretty light, CPU below 20% at all times. I’ve tried removing various plugins but nothing seems to make any significant difference.

I haven’t done the stopwatch test, but it feels slower to me too. So, yes. I will do the stopwatch test and report back. Good topic!

I tested:
Cubase 8.5.20: 1:33
Cubase 9.01: 1:34

I got results like that when I removed all plugins. Must be some plugin or vendor that doesn’t play ball with C9. I’ve made sure I have the latest versions of everything.

I can’t say that I have noticed any difference myself.

I managed to narrow this down: the problem occurs when I’m using “Update display”. Unticking that makes the exports much, much faster, probably down from 8 minutes to 2 for this particular song. Haven’t had any problems with this before and I like to have it on to spot overs. But I think I can live without it.

For me Cubase 8.5 is slighlty faster

I think with the next Cubase 9 update it will be fixed though