Audio Export to external Harddi

for years my projects run on external SSD Harddisks. NEVER EVER had a problem.
After updating to Cubase Pro 13 (as well to Mac OS Sonoma) everything worked fine until i went to export a project (Stereo Master Out)
Files are created, including the correct names, on the HD, but the don‘t play in iTunes .
When opening them in Wave Lab, i can see them (correct name) but there is no Waves / no sound. Empty files.

i tried a lot things , but there seems no solution to solve that problem.

I can open projects FROM my external Harddisks in Cubase, work on them, but when it comes to export an mixdown , it‘s always as mentioned before.

It works, when exporting to the internal HD of the Mac . i tested that, but i don‘t want to work that way. i need my SSD‘s to organise different projects and unlimited HD space.

Any hint to solve that problem ? is it known to anybody ? .

Thanks for any help


How is your external harddrive formatted, please?

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… most, of all Samsung Portable SSD T5 series , 1 or 2 TB
Format is ExFAT – no problems in about 10 years :wink:

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This is the problem. This is a known issue. Unfortunately it’s not clear (so far) if the issue is on Steinberg (Cubase 13) or Apple (macOS Sonoma) side.

You shouldn’t face the problem with an APFS drive.

Hi Martin,
thanks again for Your support.
I went to format a spare Samsung T5 to APFS, but received an disappointing message: " a GUID-Partition chart-scheme is needed.
Action failed"

Tried a bit , but after some tries I had to give up.

Do You have any any, how get the disk formatted ?

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I’m sorry, I don’t know. I would ask Google or chat GPT.

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