Audio Exported Volume.


I have a really old version of Cubase which I use for home recording (Cubase Essential 5).
I taught myself how to use it and I don’t use it a lot, so I’m no wiz with it.
After recording audio in cubase and then exporting it as a Wav file, the end result has a very low volume.
I am using a Cakewalk audio midi interface and 2 good condenser microphones to record into cubase with.
Whist recording I make sure that the recording input level/signal is as high as it can be without clipping.
Can anyone shed some light on this issue,



Try adjusting the volume higher at the main stereo out fader while also adjusting the volume lower on your audio interface if your monitors or earphones are sounding too loud.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Prock,

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.
I’m pretty sure that I have tried turning the stereo output volume up but it starts to clip.
You mean after recording and before exporting don’t you?


I have tried turning up the main stereo out fader but the sound is still very quiet and keeps distorting when i turn it up.
Do you happen to know whether this is a problem inherent in cubase Essential 5 or is it just the way I have it setup?

It is not a Problem inherent in any Cubase version, but probably as usually due to the operator.