Audio exports short and silent

I’m running Dorico 3.5 on a Mac and struggling to get audio exports to work. I’ve read all the posts I can find on this topic (seems like the issue has been around for a while), and the only thing that has worked is exporting immediately after opening Dorico. Even that has only worked a couple of times. Generally when I try to export, the file or files contain 10 seconds of silence and nothing else. They also export too quickly and are too small (all exactly the same size) to contain music I might somehow be missing. This happens with and without NotePerformer.
Any suggestions?

Please confirm that the full score layout nearest the top of the right panel of Setup mode contains all the players and flows you’re attempting to export, as per the second paragraph here: Exporting audio

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Ah, thanks for the suggestion. That seems to have resolved the problem. Out of curiosity, is there some reasoning behind requiring that? It seems a bit quirky, since you select what to export at the next step.

The export dialog provides flexibility for exporting individual stems, of course, but it doesn’t have the necessary flexibility over what a tutti/mix export contains. For instance, I’m currently working on a project for large ensemble and voice, plus there’s a piano reduction of what the ensemble are doing. If the singer asks for a quick mockup of what the ensemble are doing, I can quickly create a score layout that contains just the ensemble, without the piano reduction or the voice, move that to the top of the list and then export.

I’m guessing this might be the reasoning, but maybe someone from the development team can clarify.

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