Audio extract to MIDI causes laptop phones to mute audio


When taking an audio part and clicking convert to MIDI the laptop phones mute audio and the audio plays back through the laptop speaker

  1. Create empty project
  2. Create an audio part
  3. Ensure headphones are plugged into laptop. This plays through phones and not laptop speaker
  4. Edit in Sample Editor and select musical mode (This will still play through phones)
  5. Click Pitch and Warp in Sample Editor. (This will still play through phones)
  6. Click Extract MIDI in Sample editor (The audio will now only play through the laptop speaker and MIDI part through phones)
  7. Exit Cubase resolves issue

In the example above the audio starts playing through the speaker and the phones only play the MIDI track. However in a larger existing piece all audio and MIDI tracks stop playing through the headphones.

Cubase Pro 8. 8.0.20 64 bit
HP EliteBook Laptop
Windows 7 64 bit
No external audio interface using onboard audio