Audio file clipping - possible restoration?

Hi, just a curious question. I am trying to play with correction/restoration possibilities inside WL 11 and I am a bit surprised there are no clipping points found (see screenshot). But the sound is distorted so I am sure these are clipped peaks. Why WL 11 does not report them? Or what I am missing? Thnx for replies.


WaveLab reports clipping at 0 dB points, not as in your case.
This being said, I agree your case should be covered.
I note this for a future version.

Hi PG1 and many thanx for such reply - it would be nice (even I always take care when recording - this is some material from one my friend he did not know much about such basic thing and I was asked to try something with this…).
Regards, Pavel

And a few more questions: are there some tools in WL 11 to help in this issue or I would have to use some 3rd party plug-in (like Isotope RX)? And if the mechanism for detection clipping even the amplitude is not 0 dBFS is implemented to WL then some more types of correction processes shall be implemented - right? Actually there are only for clicks and simillar - nothing related to possible reconstruction of waveform part…

Sorry, not currently.


@pavlii I can recommend DeClip from the Acon Digital Restoration Suite 2 - which as a suite is a great value buy anyway (also has DeNoise, DeHum and DeClick).

Thnx for the tip. I am actually not interested in such this way; this was more something like “experiment” - when I had found the clipping problem :slight_smile:

RX declip will also fix your issue :+1:

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Yup - I had already try it (Elements version is enough) so I know it works - so in case anyone else needs such kond of restoration I am able to help actually :smiley:
Thnx, Pavel