Audio File don't start at the beginning

Hello together,
For some time now I have been close to despair. For unknown reasons, the audio file can no longer be started when the playback cursor is at the very beginning or in the quiet part just before the track has signal. No matter if keyboard spacebar or transport field. When moving or transposing the playback cursor into the wave the file starts. What could I have adjusted, what could be the cause.

many thanks

Are you saying, you can never play the file from the very beginning?

If yes, is it the same with any audio file?
Did you try without any plugin?

Maybe this:

"Perform Short Fade In When Starting Playback

If this option is activated, a short fade in is performed when you start playback. This avoids clicks caused by waveforms that do not start on a zero-crossing point.

The fade is linear and either 10 milliseconds long or corresponds to the audio device block size if the block size is below 10 milliseconds."

Scroll down to Options Tab

regards S-EH


What is the sample rate of the file you are trying to play?

Thank you very much for your suggestions.
I think I have found the bad culprit.
In playback editing, I loaded the Encoder Checker to see what it was doing. And apparently there is a combination that causes the problem. If I switch off the plugin (red circle) everything works. Everything also seems OK with other Codex presets. Only the Combi does not seem to work. I have not yet found out why. :thinking:
2023-09-05 19_43_08-Window

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