Audio file louder in Nuendo than in Wavelab

So I have an audio file that I imported in Nuendo from Soundly. It’s a scratching sound but there’s some background noise. I send the file to Wavelab to remove the background noise using RestoreRig, it worked and when I clicked the "Update in Cubase/Nuendo button, I saw the visual cue of the clip updating. I went to play it back in Nuendo and the background noise was still there, it sounded just as if I didn’t modify anything.

If I export the file from Wavelab, and then import it in Nuendo, it’s fine. So it seems the link between the 2 apps is not working properly. Does anyone know what could be the issue?

Works OK here.
P.S. the title of your topic doesn’t match the description.

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I’m not sure what the problem could be, but the topic title doesn’t reflect your description.

Sorry about the title, the file was actually louder as I was writing this but I had a flash and I managed to fix that part midway through writing the post. I just forgot to edit the title before posting.