Audio file preview delay when clicked


When I select an audio file (e.g. wav sample) by left clicking my mouse in the audio files browser, there is often times about a 1/2 second delay before the audio plays. However, if I use my up and down arrows on my keyboard, the samples play immediately when highlighted as normal. I have tried the various settings noted in the manual* and the issue still persists.

My system information:

Cubase Pro 10.5.2 Build 179
Windows 10 64 bit

This is my first time using Cubase in many years, so I do not know if this issue is unique to this build. Perhaps I’m just doing something wrong. Thanks for any help!

This seems to have resolved on its own. I have been working a lot with the media bay, so maybe there was some syncing still taking place? I did also enable the “release driver” function in the Studio Setup → VST Audio System settings.