Audio file renaming


we do a lot of Foley recordings. The engineer wants to give each and every recording a specific name like CAR DOOR, FOOT STEPS JOE, MOVEMENT LUCY, WOOD CREAK etc. Is there a shortcut to the “File renaming” command. If not, because I have not found one, please Steinberg, implement it.



Rename it in the info line.

+1 please. I do quite a bit of renaming parts too, usually to rate takes or to identify sounds I’m reusing throughout a project or album. This has been requested before, basically for a shortcut key to move focus to the appropriate field in the info line.


Not in front of Nuendo right now but if memory serves you can assign a key command to bring the rename window up. That said, why wouldn’t you just name the track you are recording on “Joe’s Footsteps” or whatever? Then all your files will be properly named and sorted in the pool. john

Apologies, I accidentally ended up in the Nuendo forum after a search for a different subject and thought I was posting in the Cubase forum :blush: But I suppose it could still benefit from a shortcut key.


unfortunatly there is no shortcut for file renaming only for “description”.

With the file selected, use the “Find in Pool” shortcut (mine is command-R). This will open the pool window. Use the “rename” shortcut (mine is Option-R). This brings up the rename dialog box with tons of options. This is a fast way if you like keyboard shortcuts. I find this sometimes faster than clicking up in the info line. This of course works with batches of files where you want to rename or append the filename.

unfortunatly there is no shortcut for file renaming only for “description”.

Actually there is: Neil K has it right but you can save a step and access it from the project window too, the key command is under “Extended Edit” and it’s called “Rename Objects”. John.

I would like to note that while each method works, one method displays things slightly different than the other.

If you have a file that is named “Original” and you want to add (for example) a prefix to the file’s name in the rename dialog box…

using Neil’s method (my favored way) you get these results… “New Original”

using John’s method you get these results… “New (Original)” with the original name in brackets.

so the method you use depends upon how you want the file names displayed.

I just wrote a macro that works… using these commands…

  1. Audio - Find selected in pool
  2. Extended Edit - Rename Objects
    with this macro you can rename using a singles key command.
    note: this will open the pool and leave it open

But I found out that if you add a 3rd key command…
3. Project - Open Pool
Then once you enter your rename parameters and hit Enter in the rename dialog box
the pool will close. :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

See what you guys think of that :smiley:


This worked for me;

Start Cubase “As Administrator”.
(Also, make sure that the “User Account Control” is not disabled but set to its default setting. )