Audio file specifications

Can you confirm what sample rate / bit depth VST live supports for audio tracks? I exported a Cubase project with 44.1khz, 24 bit AIF files and the app doesn’t appear to like them.

Admittedly the files were from a Logic Pro studio session but Cubase is quite happy to work with them.


Welcome CliveJ.
When you export an audio project in Cubase, the sample rate information is not taken into account, as that is a property of the audio device. So you should set the sample rate of VST Live to the desired rate. And what do you mean by “doesn’t appear to like them”?

Hi - They show up in the tracks as blocks but without the wave drawing on them. They don’t sound when I hit play and VST Live slowly grinds to a halt, becomes unresponsive and I have to reboot it.

Cubase is installed on the same machine, a MacBook Air, Intel with 16GB RAM and I’m outputting to the MacBook speakers currently. Sample rate is set at 44.1kHz in both apps.

Ok - I’ve done some further testing.

I can import the audio files individually and they work just fine.

It looks like the Cubase 12 export file contains something that VST Live doesn’t like.

As a side note - importing MIDI files only seems to like the file extension .MID - can you expand this to include .MIDI files?

It looks like we load .mid and .midi, but not .MID or .MIDI, you may try to rename, and next version should fix it.

That’s exactly what I did :grinning:

Sorry - to be clear it was a .midi file that it wouldn’t load (greyed out). Changing the extension to .mid worked.
I only used caps above for emphasis but capitalisation in the file extension should not make any difference.