Audio file volume

I’m not sure if this is an inherent feature of Cubase or if I’ve screwed something up, but whenever I import an audio file into Cubase, it’s STUPID loud. I have to back the file down around 14dB in Cubase so I can listen without blowing out my eardrums. Similarly, whenever I export audio files from Cubase and open them in, say, iTunes, they’re super quiet. Even after bumping them up in Cubase, they’re still quiet. Any help fixing this is greatly appreciated!

Can you take one of those super-loud imported Audio Files

  1. Select it in the Pool Window
  2. Use Audio>Statistics on the file
  3. Post the results here

For the life of me, I cannot find the stats on the file. I’ve looked through the Pool Window, but I see nothing.


Literally, as in

Oooooh, ok. Here you go. This file is imported straight into Cubase. I haven’t touched it at all.

Well I would expect that file to sound loud, because it truly is loud. Even just looking at the waveform image you can see it is very compressed and maxing out most of the time. Compare your stats with the more typical stats that @cubic13 posted above - especially in the lower Loudness section. LUFS are a measure of actual Loudness as perceived by humans (not Volume). The loudness @cubic13 is showing is about -25 where you are at -6. For a reference point, google says that YouTube’s target is -13 to -15 LUFS - which would be for a mastered recording. For everyday track recording to use in a mix I’d aim for much lower.

Why your loud recording does not sound loud when played back from (I’m assuming) Windows is probably related to how you have your audio interface configured. What interface are you using and can you post a screenshot of its settings. Also many times Windows audio playback apps unhelpfully add extra processing to “improve” the audio. Good idea to disable any of that nonsense when you find it.

I’m currently using a Focusrite 6i6 (I’m hoping to upgrade to a UA Apollo soon). You brought up a good point. I checked the monitor gain in the Focusrite Control app and that sucker was crankin. I backed it down 12dB and my sessions sound much more manageable now.

I am curious, though. What do mean by Windows playback apps? Any specific examples?

Consumer oriented media players. Windows Media Player, Groove Music, Spotify, etc.