Audio files and folders

Hello, I am new here. :slight_smile:
I have been into Cubase for decades and I am happy with it. BUT, the behavior of audio files and folders in Cubase always has been a mystery to me. Now I am running CE6.

  1. Where in the CE6 manual can I read about how and when and where the folder “Audio” occur?

  2. How do I search a specific combination of words, i.e. “audio folder” in this forum?

I just want to control where my Audio files are placed during recording…

Best greetings!
Hasse / Stockholm

Hi jarnvagsrals,

when creating a new project, you will be asked to select the location of the project folder in the project assistant. The audio folder will be then created inside the project folder you’ve selected.


Thank you Luis for fast reply!
I found out that now, by systematic research…! :slight_smile:
And I also found out there is already (and always) a 0 kB “virtual pending file” in the Audio folder from start…?

I must say, I can´t find this in the manual… I find it fundamental for the understanding of Audio file management.

Do you possibly have an answer to my second q too?

Best greetings!

/ Hasse

The search function in this forum is not very good. The best way to search this forum is to use a “site specific” search with your favorite search provider. Yes, I have even seen this method recommended by Steinberg staff on this forum.

Ok, thank you, jaslan!

Yeah, those are always there when Cubase is running, but removed when closed. Pay no attention. The best way for file management in Cubase IMO is to work with templates: either use the ones supplied, or create some yourself. That way you always have your preferred number and types of track, colors, names etc. Plus - more importantly - you’ll be sure a new directory is created (or pointed toward) so any new recorded track is put there. And not in some older project you decided to start a new project with: never do this, cause even if you create a new directory, the recorded files still end up in the old directory. But you probably experienced that already :wink:

Yes Arjan! As you say, I have experienced that. The hard Way! :slight_smile: I think working routines with projects, files and folders could be suggested and more clearly explained in the manual. Anyway, thank you for your reply! Best greeetings! / H