audio files are saving "as copies" all of the sudden

all of the sudden, after a couple years of using WL every day, my audio files are saving as “copies”… so when i save a WAV file, it saves, but the open document in the WL EDIT window is still called “untitled”…

my SAVE button in the lower right corner now says SAVE COPY. if i right click that i see that “SAVE” is greyed out.

was working normally last night then today all of the sudden i’m getting this behavior… how do i change it so my saves are proper saves and not saving copies?

i looked through the manual and there seems to be a pretty specific way to save copies… but i’m not doing that. i’m just doing a normal save but it’s defaulting to copy anyway


This has always been so… if the source file is a decoded file, like mp3.
Try this with a standard wave, and you’re back to what you are looking for.

hmm… well, they were standard WAV … “default WAV” in the format menu…

however, i quit WL and restarted and all is OK now…