Audio Files from W7 To C5

Hello, I am new for wavelab 7. can some one guide me on this. I record singing on cubase 5, I can edit in W7, Add eq,compressor, reverb etc. I want to use this edited file back to cubase and mix with instrumental track. I found
W7 has better result than C5. …Thanks


Simply first make an backup of the audio file(s) you like to work with
Check out here about “Master Section” “Render” read about this in the “Help”
process the audio file in WL 7 and save this

In Cubase make an copy of the working project, replace/exchange the now processed
audio file with the original, you can even create a new track and Import
the processed audio file to the copied project if you wish (to compare e.t.c)

I’m sure someone else have suggestion here

regards S-EH

Thanks S-EH, I think I got it.

you could do a soft edit in W7, and keep the final touch in C5, with inserts, sends and volume envelopes in the mixer. It could be more accurate this way (my opinion, obviously).

it would be a great help if after having dragged audio from C6 to WL and having edited it there, to just save it in WL with the edit applied so that when returning to C6 the part is right there in its edited form. instead of having to save the file under a different name and having to import it at the same spot into C6.