Audio files have just become blocks of distorted noise. Is my project corrupt?

I use Cubase 10.5. Two nights ago I was playing a gig and decided I wanted to record it, but only have Cubase 10.5 installed on my PC (which is way to big and clunky to bring along) so I brought my old laptop which has Cubase 6.5 (the previous version of Cubase I had updated from) installed already on it. The gig went well, and recording went mostly smoothly. However, every time I saved and closed a project an error message would appear saying “This project is corrupt, please save under a new name and restart the program” (or something similar). For whatever reason I didn’t. I just opened a new project and continued on.

Yesterday I went to open the projects on my PC at home (much faster than the laptop). So I opened Cubase 6.5 on the PC and encountered an issue. All of the audio tracks are just blocks of distorted noise. I found the root audio files on my hard drive and they have the same issue, just noise. So, it isn’t an issue with sample rate or different project settings between the PC and laptop. It seems that the root .wav files are ruined.

So, this, along with the fact that on the night of recording the computer said that “this project is corrupt” would lead me to believe that I was lazy about restarting the program and in doing so have corrupted the project. However, Not all of the projects I recorded on the night suffered this issue. Around half are completely fine (these projects all had the same settings, sample rate, same exact project template, same tracks, etc.). So, my question is: Did I just get lucky with the half of the projects that seem okay and the others are truly screwed? Or, is there a way to fix the ones I believe to be corrupted?


Well, data is data, a file cannot be undo :neutral_face:

Thank you.
Sadly, that’s what I figured as well.