Audio files in media bay

Hi all

I am trying to incorporate some guitar audio files from the media bay into a song I’m working on.

Obviously these audio files come in various keys and scales.

How can I adapt those files to the chords I’m using in my song?

For example, say a guitar sound I like follows a D, C, G, D progression, and my song is an A min, G, F, E progression, how can I change the audio file’s chords to my song’s chords?

Tried VariAudio however it only works with monophonic (single note) sounds like Bass and Vocals.

It can’t be that you can only use audio files as is, otherwise they would be of minimal use!

Please help

Hi and welcome,

You cannot change major to minor chord in the Audio file. To transpose the Audio file you can either cut it and use Transpose from the Info Line, or you can use Transpose Track.