Audio files in new project went to wrong drive

I did a project today at a friend’s studio. I created the project in the Cubase projects folder. When I took the drive home I found out that the audio files for the project ended up in his system drive instead of in the project folder.
How do I get them into the right place so I can edit and mix. Don’t want to screw this up.

At this point, the easiest way to get everything in a new location is to use the “Backup Project…” function.

I’ll look into the BU project but.

  1. How do I copy the files and paste them into the project’s folder. If this is possible I would prefer just putting them in the proper place.
  2. How to avoid this happening again
  1. You use the Backup Project as jaslan said. It will ask You where to copy and what to keep, when it’s just opening the project from the new location and your done.
  2. You double check before recording.

What if the audio files are not in the pool. Or will they? I’ll look at the BU project function when I go back over there. Just seems easier to copy and paste them in the proper place. Thanks.

Perhaps follow the advice you’ve received? You can’t just copy and paste or the project will show missing files, and even if you help Cubase find them, new audio files in that project could end up not where you want them. So my suggestion is the same as everyone else…do things the easiest way and back up the project.

Just read info in Cubase 8 manual about backing up project. I hope I get a prompt to find the missing files and get them to the proper place. It doesn’t show a prompt there.