Audio files missing

I Opened up one of my projects and found that all the audio files were missing. I can see them in the Pool but they have a ? against them and a X to suggest that the files are elsewhere other than where they should be. I’ve tried the “resolve missing files” process and can’t find them anywhere. Could they have, somehow, been permanently deleted. I’m 100% per cent sure I’ve not deleted them, deliberately or by mistake and this hasn’t happened in any other of my current or previous projects. I’m not the most technically proficient person (I’m a singer!)but I’m at a complete loss. Any help would be appreciated.


sounds more of a momentary lapse of reason than a Cubase glitch; like when you are deciding where and in which folder to save the project, and how to name it, happens a lot even if you are a seasoned user,

It can’t be that. I’ve gone back to this song loads of times since recording it - refining mixes, etc. This one time I opened it and all the drum machines, keyboards, etc are there but the vocals and guitars are gone!

maybe you renamed audio clips in the description field or cleared the pool or moved the project around to the different location. Cubase really tries hard to keep everything safe. Unwanted takes, edits, offline processed files. I am 100% it’s something at your side.