Audio files missing...

I have just updated to HS2 from Absolute; almost every patch in the “Halion Sonic Factory Library” is silent, and I get a message telling me that

“Some Audio files are missing please check installation”

All the other Library’s are working fine.

I have followed the install correctly I cant for the life of me work out what is going on…

I have Rescanned all the locations/ drives/ folders etc etc .

This is driving me insane. :open_mouth:

I have worked out why I have no Factory content; before installing the Absolute (DL) version I never installed Halion Sonic from the Trial DVD. So the HS2 update is only showing the new content.


Can I get a download of the Trial DVD as an ISO?

Same problem here.
If I go to Halion Sonic 2 download page, there’s only version history pdf to download.

So I got it to work as I uninstalled Halion Sonic 2 and then installed Halion Sonic 1.5 and then updated that to 1.63 and then to 2.