Audio Files Not playing - Have to resample for playback

I have been experiencing this problem for quite some time. When I record an audio track, it intermittently (randomly) stops playing (no sound) and/or sometimes plays loud static or a different audio file entirely. The sample rates are in sync, 16 bit , 48 kHz. If I go to the pool browser the file plays, no problem. If I go to windows (media or whatever) player, it plays, no problem. If I use the audio file in another DAW program, it works, no problem. If I resample the audio file through the audio-process-resample, it plays. But then , when I exit Cubase and restart the program, the same file, or other audio file has the same problem. The problem also occurs when I create a track from content from the media bay/loop/sound browser. As long as its an audio file the problem occurs. The problem happens with different audio file formats also, e.g. mp3s. This is consistent, and it doesn’t matter what ASIO or audio interface I use.

I can interface midi, create tracks with VSTs, even third party, until forever and have no problems.

I look forward to any help that can be provided. I’ve attached basic system info.