Audio files playback extremely loud in Cubase 10.5

Hello there,

I imported some wav files in a Cubase 10.5 project. They all worked fine until suddenly, If I play them within the project, they sound incredibly loud.

  • the control room is deactivated;
  • no effects on any track;
  • if I preview the files with Finder in the audio project of the folder, they sound at the volume they are supposed to be - so there’s hasn’t been any problem with the conversion, I believe;
  • I loaded a new audio file, soloed the track and routed it directly to the Full mix output, to make sure there wasn’t any double bussing, and the problem persists;
  • the loudness is the same also when I preview the file in the media pool;
  • the same problem persists also when I open the project in Cubase 10.

Also, If I open a new project, and import a wav file, there is no problem, which means that the issue is related to this particular project. I have around 100 audio tracks in this project, and I can’t restart from scratch.

Any idea why this could be happening? Is there a possibility that there’s a second track with the Full mix output if it doesn’t show up in the audio connection? How could there be double bussing if I go straight to the full mix output with an audio file?

Any help would me much, much appreciated.


Is it the same if you solo the track?