Audio file's timing is off when I open OOOOOOLD project

So I’ve upgraded HD’s and moved data around several times since working on this OLD project.

I decided to re-open it and play around with it again. Of course, the CPR wanted to find everything back in their old locations, and I redirected it at all of the prompts. The project finally loads, and all of the audio is correct, but the timing on JUST ONE audio file is incorrect! :imp:

It’s the bass line, and its off by a significant amount–it seems to be about 4-6 beats ahead. Now u think I could just drag the whole thing over, except that there’s lots of EVENTS, and there’s parts where the events break for a few beats/bars. Those breaks are actually all still properly in their place.

So I could literally just edit/move EVERY event, but it seems super time consuming.

Any ideas how this could happen, and/or how to fix it?

THANKS!! :smiley:

Can’t you select all them and use “events to part”? And then just make one move of that new part?

It’s really because of the breaks/drop-outs that I cant do that. I just tried as u suggested, and all of the dropouts now occur at completely wrong times. Attached an image to better show.

I may have to just edit EACH event :frowning:
Bass Off.JPG

Aloha J,
I feel for you.
I have had sh!t like this happen (always with older projects)
and it is a real bummer.

So my advice is:

1-Take a deep breath.
2-Give your self some uninterrupted time.
3- Get to work moving each event that needs to be moved.
4-When finished take pride in all your efforts.
5-Enjoy you new/old project.
6-Hope that this never happen again.
(knowing full well that one day it will :slight_smile:

Ah! the ‘DAW’ business.

Am I missing something?

Can’t you just select all the events on that track and drag them as a whole to where you need them?

You should be able to move them all at once and have their relationship to each other stay the same.

CURTEYE, I very well may do that…I’ll give myself some time though. I’ll realign some of the events tonite, maybe go on vacation, start an all-natural tea company, start playing ice hockey again, do a motor-swap on my V6 up to a V8, realign a couple more events, watch The Godfather… :mrgreen:

Its weird, cuz the EVENTS are in the right place, but its like the events are “capturing” the wrong part of the audio file. I forget some of the terminology, but its like looking at a photo album, and all of the photos are in their right places, but somehow ALL of the images are skewed and zoomed into their upper-right corners, faces barely even visible.

I JUST thought of another idea though…gonna try it first, and will post if it actually helps.

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

I think I understand what you are describing. It MAY be possible to move the clip to the correct position being careful to note EXACTLY how much it moved. THEN go and move all the event start and end points by the exact opposite in order to put them back where they were. I don’t think the project editor can do it. I looked and it can move the POSITION but not the start/end point. I may have found a way though. Select all the events and get the clip lined up properly. Note exactly how much you moved the clip by. Then select ALL the events and grab the starting edge of one of them. Move that starting edge back to its proper position (which should be back in the other direction by the same amount you moved the clip). All of the events should adjust there start points by that same amount. Then do the same with the end points of the events.
I hope it makes sense…