Audio files

Hi, I hope somebody can help me regarding my problem. I open project and set up new stereo, mono and midi tracks how I want them and usually use them. I also set up everything in VST-Connections, Group/FX (new effect) I name that project MASTER FILE
Idea is to use that MASTER FILE project like a base for another projects, so I don’t have to set up everything from the scratch every time. Usually I open that MASTER FILE and than just click “save as” and rename it and save it in different folder for another project. But I figure out that my audio files are not in that new folder, they are still connected with original MASTER FILE folder and project.
How I can change path for recording audio folder?
Thank you

Create a template. Details are in the manual.

And for the projects that are already mixed together: use ‘Backup Project’ to move each to its own directory with all necessary files in their own subdirectories.

Thank you Jaslan and Arjan