Audio Flow Question: Send Audio Signal Routing

Hi folks. I would like to know if it is possible to have an audio track, where I send its signal to another place, but WITHOUT having the inserts in this send signal, only in the audio track output.

Graphically we have:
Audio Source (in the audio track) → Insert → Channel Strip → Send → Output

So the Send, is after the Insert which processes the audio and then send the processed Audio through the Send, but I would like to, have these processes in the audio track, but in the Send, I would like to have the audio without the Insert processes applied.

For now I only can achieve that if I duplicate the audio, but I am wondering if would it be possible to do that in a same audio track?

Sounds like you just want Sends to be first if I follow? Ya I guess you would have to setup a dummy bus for your regular inserts.
So audio flow would be
audio channel->Send to 2 busses. 1 for your regular Send destination 1 which sits beside your audio track (send 100%) for inserts.

hope that is what you wanted…

It is an alternative. But the source track should be with fader at -inf and the sends should be prefader.

The other alternative is to have two audio tracks with the source material (I think it is better if the source files are identical, but not the same file). The one without inserts must have fader at -inf and the send prefader. After setting send level you could hide the source track.

I don’t think the original intention of Daniel is possible, using just one source track, until I know at least.

And welcome to the forum, Daniel.

Thanks for the info guys!
The buses that you guys are talking about is the one that we manage at the Audio Connections panel (shortcut F4), Inputs tab?

No, when beerbong says “send to two busses” I guess he is referring to FX channels: one where your original insert effects chain is and another one where you want to send the unprocessed signal.

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thats right Knopf, right click on mixer or on project and you see add Group Track or Effect Track (both are similar it doesn’t really matter).

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Get it! Thanks for the tip! It definitely worked.

So, now I have an audio track with my vocals without inserts, with no output, but with a send to the VST dynamic plugin through sidechain that I want to send with no Inserts, and the other Send to the Effect channel with all the inserts which is the actual channel that plays the vocal, working like a charm!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You could also duplicate the track no so that one has inserts and the other doesnt? At least then you have the option to freeze it if needed. but maybe I’m not entirely understanding.

Yap indeed I can, but then I would have to be worried in changing the audio events of two tracks. The idea is only to simplify the event editing where I will have to handle only one audio source.

Working with the buses as described above, my audio source duplicates the signal to an inserted bus and to the VST sidechain, so during the production and editing I only need to deal with it. It is not a bit thing but I do prefer that approach (only working with one track as audio source than two).