Audio folder in Windows 7

With C5 and all previous versions, the audio files were stored in the audio folder which was automatically located in the project folder.
Now with C6 the audio files are stored in an untitled folder located on my C drive under users/documents.
Does anyone know how to revert back to the old way.
I use a different drive for Cubase projects and so I want the files on that drive and also want them stored with the project so they are easily located

Hello boobar,

In the project assistent window, you will see at the left bottom two options:

  1. You can make a default location
  2. Or you can select "Prompt for project location.

With the second option you will get the dialog where you can select a location for your project.



Thank you Chris
That works fine
Can you also tell me. If I move the audio folder for the projects that I have started already back to the project folder. How can I direct Cubase to find them?


when Cubase should not find the audio files, then a dialog should come up, where you can “show” Cubase the location of the audio files. After that you should the function “Backup Project” and save the project an a new location.

You could also open the “old” projects now, and use the backup function to get everything to the new location.



Thanks again Chris
I did all that and it worked a treat